About Brand Blue

We want our clients to be treated like Kings

About Us

We started out as a creative design business called Geoff Flynn Design Pty Ltd.


At that time, we were known as a graphic design business with supporting services that successfully stretched over 16 years.


Today, we bring a fresh change to our customers, by providing a full spectrum of communication expertise under a fully integrated single point of contact. We brought together the very best of professionals to create a seamless progression from concept to delivery that gives you an edge in cost savings, quality and convenience under the name, Brand Blue.


Why Blue?

The colour blue relates to trust, honesty and dependability,

therefore helping to build customer loyalty.


Blue indicates confidence, reliability and responsibility. It relates to

one-to-one communication rather than mass communication. It inspires wisdom and higher ideals, but is also conservative and predictable.


Blue is calming, reducing tension and fear. It slows the pulse rate,

is a cool colour, and creates a sense of space, strength and unity.


Got a question?

Our team is always ready to assist on 02 4360 1857